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ere you can read about the story of SantaZia. By some strange magic, Santa has lost all his files of all the good children in the world. On the game the story is told with beautiful animations, speach and sound!
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own in the cellar I keep my files of all the good children in the world. As time went by, the files became larger and larger, so I decided to register all children in my compputer to save a lot of time. Yet, typing all the files would, unfortunately, take a very long time.
ut then I got a bright idea. I remembered my magic spellbook. Sometimes I use it to help me getting things done in a hurry during Christmas time. It's a very eager magic book. I just had to think of it, and it came flying along all by itself.
t's really a very good book, but I don't use it very often, because I get so tired when reading all those magic formulas. But now the magic book really did come in very handily. By it's help I could get all the files into the stupid computer in no time, and by that avoiding many hours of work.
  here are many strange and intriguing formulas in the book. I found a good one and read it aloud as well as I could: "ªöß]ß §¬ßЬ". It worked! All drawers of the filing cabinets opened.
  ut then nothing else happened. Something was missing in the magic formula. So I hurried to read the rest of it aloud. And again it worked! The file cards started to fly! They hung above me and my computer and whirled around.
owever, to get them installed in the computer I had to continue with the formula. But the draft from the file cards must have made the pages in the book turn over. When I read the next formula, it looked quite different. Nevertheless, I recited it - but I should never have done that.
ll of a sudden, the files turned into strange objects all whirling into my jar on the table. And down there now lies all the strange objects that holds the names of all the good children in the world - unfortunately, this holds me from bringing presents at Christmas Eve. The magic has also cast a spell on 24 objects in my castle. I need your help!

And you can help Santa by putting everything right again, so that all the good children in the world also this year will receive their Christmas presents. Buy the SantaZia game and help Santa Claus by finding and solving the right task that is hiding in each of the bewitched objects on the castle.