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Here you can see some examples of the 24 games and puzzles on SantaZia. When clicking on the games, you will get a larger screen.

antaZia is controlled by the clock installed in your computer, which provides the 'advent-calendar effect'. Each day through the month of Decemver, a new animation and a new game appear. The 24 games are variations of 7 different funny games, for instance jigsaw puzzles, memory games etc. Together, these 24 games comprise many hours of fabulous entertainment and educating puzzles for small and big brains.

This is a rather traditional memory game. The windows reveal each time two pictures, and the idea is to remember what's behind the windows before they close again. When two windows with the same picture are opened, they will remain open. The point is to open and match all the windows as quickly as possible.
hats wrong on the picture ?!
Find those things that do not belong on the picture.
igsaw puzzle.
A challenge for all those who loves jigsaw-puzzles!. Move around the bricks until you get a beautifull Christmas-picture. You get some guiding help from a sound acompanying the bricks, according as they are placed the right or wrong place.
ut things right.
Look carefully at the picture and then try to place the elements on the right spot. One of the easy SantaZia tasks!
pot 8 mistakes.
This is a traditional 'spot 5 mistakes' game. Look carefully at the pictures and try if you can spot the missing elements on one of them.
olour memory.
The idea is to remember the colours on the picture. You have one minute to look carefully on the original picture. Then you have to choose colours from certain areas of the picture according to a cunning scheme. This is a question of concentration!.
here does the sound belong to ?!
When clicking on the sound on the left side, you will hear a sound. When clicking right, you have to place the sound on the animal to which it belongs. Yet another task for both small and big brains.