SantaZia - The Interactive Advent Calender

Help! Magical virus attack on Santa's Christmas files!

y some strange magic, Santa has lost the adresses of
all the good children in the world.

ou are therefore chosen to be the assistant of Santa Claus and you will be sent to the castle Santazia, where many exiting tasks are waiting for you. Make sure that everything is put right again, so alle the children in the world also this year will recieve their christmas presents. If this mission is sucessfull or not .. well that depends only on you!
or the development of this game the many technologies and effects have been applied. You will enter a completely world of 3D computer graphics, virtual reality and computer games for all ages.
ach day after the 1st December, a new game will turn up on the game. It also contains an international cookbook and other Christmas activities. In short, great fun for the whole family, from the smallest to the tallest.
ou can explore the SantaZia game
by clicking on the picture of Santa Claus!