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Unbelivable value
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- only 19.50 EURO's
or 25 U.S. Dollars

Read about the game and it's many functions here!

The Classic SantaZia game is unfortunately no longer available in the fine box, but the game can be bought for download, optimized for Windows XP, Windows  Vista (32bit) and Windows 7.

Click "BUY" below, and you will be transferred to PayPal for secure paying of SantaZia.

The price is only 19.50 EURO, plus VAT.

If you prefer to buy in U.S. Dollars, please click here:
The price is only 25 U.S. Dollars, plus VAT.

When you have payed the game, you will be transmitted to a link, where you can by download the game, which has a size of app. 200 Mbyte.

We will at the same time send you an e-mail with your installation code for the game.